Couple Mentoring


For a good spouse keeping you need to continuously enrich/improve your relationship. In a marriage relationship, the partners enter into a contract with a very positive intention of achieving happiness for both (not for one person alone). But somewhere on the line we all falter.

Both the partners in marriage are wonderfully unique persons because of their specific response and behaviour pattern. Due to the lack of awareness, the partners' uniqueness is unappreciated causing personality clashes, even though essentially they are nice people. A little mentoring by experienced, but never perfect, couples can sometimes create a lasting change in the relationship.


Marriage is not just a 'life style choice'. It is meant to last a life time. In this programme you may find new resources, values, insights, mutual support and networking. You may recognise and correct the bad patterns of response and behaviour that can break your marriage. You may even identify some good patterns that promote your relationship.


  • The relationship process
  • Bonding and interdependence
  • Similarities and differences
  • Effective couple communication
  • Commitment and compatibility
  • Healing the past
  • Family vision and mission

Ideal participants

  • Couples getting married
  • Couples already married

Make your marriage work better!