Smile Therapy

Smile therapy is the simplest yet most powerful form of therapy for you to practice any time, provided you are willing to try it. It is an integrated healing meditation for your body, mind and soul. In my therapy experience I have seen many traumatic experiences soften out and fully disappear with a prolonged smile.

Science backing

According to modern science, a smile releases endorphins, serotonin, epinephrine and other natural 'happy drugs' that the body generates. These neurochemicals have been known to reduce pain, relieve stress, lower blood pressure, boost immunity, release sex hormones and change negative moods. A smile makes you appear more competent and attractive, than when you are not smiling.


In a therapeutic context a smile, however fake it is, can transform unhealthy emotions into positive ones. It is like two opposing powers being brought together to face each other in a combat. In normal circumstances, when we experience negative emotions we cannot smile. Vice a verse when we smile we do not experience negativity.

Even if you 'fake' a smile your positive feeling will still emerge and alter your emotional responses. When you smile you are sending a message to your brain that "everything is OK".

Some people may find it difficult to smile because their facial tissues are stiff with tension. To begin with they may require a facilitator. With practice they can use the Smile Technique independently. The facilitator's primary role is to calibrate the subject and to bring into focus any observations and different perspectives as required.


The therapeutic smile technique requires us to keep smiling and consciously bring into focus all the negative experiences till the emotions attached to them are completely spent. You can check the result by thinking about the same negative experiences again without a smile and see how you feel.

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