Level 1 : Hypnosis Practitioner

This programme enables you to identify for yourself your unique mental strategy so that you can work on yourself. It presupposes that everybody can gain access to her/his sub-conscious mind and make necessary changesfor better self-management.

It is content-free, non-invasive, comfortable and relaxing where you do not have to reveal anything. Nevertheless, it can be as effective as individual therapy sessions.

This 3-Day session introduces you to skills and techniques necessary to use Hypnosis in Counselling and other therapy situations for emotional and behavioural change. It also helps you to learn the patterns of hypnotic language for trance communication to effect change in self and others. The participants will get hands on experience on hypnotic induction and deepening techniques to use hypnotic tools confidently.

The hypnotic language patterns will help you to understand, influence and deliver appropriate message in appropriate ways to change clients’ experience. They are effective whatever areas you are in, whether it is marketing, sales, management, counselling, education, or health care. They can be used with the people you love, in the work you do, and the way you build relationship.


  • Hypnotic communication
  • Hypnotic language patterns
  • Embedded commands
  • Induction
  • Deepening techniques
  • Generating and utilizing suggestions
  • Therapy process
  • Therapeutic techniques