Work life balance

Every individual has a unique way of processing and utilising the information s/he receives. Each experience is coded and recorded by the mind for future use. Very often the critical images/stories that we often replay in our mind are thus coded by the subconscious mind to generate certain unpleasant emotions. Over the years they accumulate and form a negative residue making it difficult for the individual to cope with life and work.

If we can identify the specific coding of an experience, however traumatic it is, we can de-code it and re-code it, and whereby create a new mental strategy for information processing.

This One-Day Workshop on Work Life Balance will address specific emotional residues that throw out of balance your work ambitions, lifestyle choices and relationship responsibilities. It helps you to identify the specific coding by the sub-conscious mind of your experiences, de-code and re-code them to empower you with effective mental strategies for self management, stress management and overall emotional wellbeing.

The participants will be able to

  • Address specific challenges related to their work and personal life
  • Enhance their work-life balance, relationships, and personal well-being
  • Work on their health & relaxation, focus & concentration, motivation & confidence
  • Prioritise and balance work and personal life


  • The structure of our experience
  • Decoding and re-coding of existing patterns
  • Emotional time-frames
  • Belief re-alignment
  • Mental tools for self management

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